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Traded round the clock on 3 global markets – Asia, Europe and America – forex exchange is the world’s largest market with liquidity of $5.3 billion per day. Currencies are paired up and exchanged at a specific price, it is this price that moves as each currency is effected by world events.

You will find 40 forex exchange pairs on 77markets split into the popular groups of majors, minors and exotics. The difference with 77markets is that you can trade forex whilst engaging in powerful tools like Events & Trade to pinpoint market movement. We also support forex trading with education, daily news, price alerts and trading alerts online and through the platform.

You will be informed regularly of market movements, of relevant events, of trends and fundamental statistics. We provide an inclusive trading experience, appreciating that you need to keep your eyes on the trade and we need to supply data to inform your decision.

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